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Bobs TDM RP is a server on Garry's Mod that transforms the flexibility and modability of Dark RP into a fun and unique team shooter, Instead of normal roleplay the criminal team and the cops duke it out in city 18 and beyond with the owners personal selection of maps and mini events like: Zombie Missions, Boss Fights, Free for All, and Seasonal events bringing their own mods and objectives.

There is a Starter Guide for your convenience to allow newer players to catch-up to the more experienced players.

Bob's TDM-RP Server loading page intro movie

Bob's TDM-RP Server loading page intro movie

This wiki is for Bobs' TDM servers here you will find all the information you need to get started with Bobs' TDM and have a blast!

To get started click here

Add me as a friend on steam: Jebus

Here is a link to the forums: Forums

Here is a link to Bobs' youtube channel: Youtube

Here is a link to Walks' youtube channel: Walktube

Here is a link to Robo's youtube channel: RoboReptile

Here is the ip to Bobs' TDM server:

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